Recolight takes campaign to the airwaves

Recolight takes campaign to the airwaves | News | Lighting.

Recolight chief executive Nigel Harvey will be doing a series of radio interviews on 1 September to spread the word about CFL recycling.

The ‘radio day’ schedule, which has yet to be finalised, will mark the latest stage of the government’s phase out of traditional incandescent lamps and bring the message of recycling CFLs to listeners across the UK.

Commenting on the series of interviews, Nigel Harvey said: “There are approximately 133 million low-energy light bulbs currently in use in homes across the UK, and this is set to increase significantly with the phase out of the 60W incandescent. However, research shows that only 18 per cent of the British public know that they need to recycle them when they reach end of life.

“This activity is part of our on-going commitment to raising awareness of the importance of lamp recycling, and alerting people to the hundreds of facilities we have put in place across the country to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to do so.”

Recolight has partnered with local authorities and retailers, including Homebase, Sainsbury’s and Robert Dyas to provide over 750 CFL recycling points across the country.

Since July 2007, Recolight has funded the recycling of more than 100 million Gas Discharge Lamps (GDLs), representing more than a third of a tonne of mercury which would otherwise have entered landfill.


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