Osram files new patent complaints in South Korea

Osram files new patent complaints in South Korea | News | Lighting.

Osram has filed new patent infringement complaints against LG subsidiary LG Innotek and Samsung in South Korea.

In a filing with the Korea Trade Commission (KTC), Osram alleges that LG Innotek infringes four LED patents for generating white light. The company is requesting that the KTC bans the export of the LG LED products that are allegedly manufactured using patented Osram technology.

In actions filed with the Seoul Central District Court, Osram has claimed that LG Group and Samsung companies are infringing Osram’s patents on white and surface mountable LEDs in Korea.

“We respect the property rights of other companies and expect the same from other market participants,” said Aldo Kamper, the CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors.

In June of this year, Osram sued LG Group and Samsung companies for infringing patents and filed lawsuits in the US and Germany, and also filed infringement lawsuits against LG Group companies in Japan and China.

In July, Samsung LED retaliated by filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) requesting that it barred the importation of products made by Osram, Osram Opto Semiconductors, and Osram Sylvania into the US, alleging a total of eight patent infringements of core LED technologies used in lighting, automobiles, projectors, cell phone screens, and televisions.

In June, Samsung LED also filed a patent infringement action against Osram in a Korean court.

In a statement issued Monday, 22 August, Samsung LED said it was aware of Osram’s announcement: “Osram’s actions in South Korea are a typical and expected response to Samsung’s legal actions and appear to be an attempt to delay Samsung LED’s infringement action against Osram in Korea.”