Say goodbye to the 60W GLS

Say goodbye to the 60W GLS | News | Lighting.

The 60W incandescent lamp has become the latest casualty of the EU phase out of GLS light sources. As of 1 September, it is illegal to manufacture or import the ubiquitous lamp that was once so synonymous with domestic lighting.

The lamp followed its 100W and 75W counterparts into obscurity at midnight on 31 August when an EU-wide ban on manufacturing and importing the light sources came into force.

Consumers are still able to buy the product after this point but once stocks run out they will no longer be available.

Many manufacturers and retailers stopped producing and selling the products in anticipation of the ban but there is a small minority who have been stockpiling the lamps so as to be able to meet continuing consumer demand.

Commenting on the phase out of the 60W GLS, Richard Gunn of Osram said: “People need to remember that the GLS lamp is over 100 years old. Is it not time we upgraded our lighting? How many people do you know that still carry money to make a phone call or use a camera that requires a film?”

The manufacturer said there is a ‘good, better, best’ range of alternatives where Eco Halogen represents ‘good’, CFL represents ‘better’ and retrofit LED lamps represent ‘best’.


About ecoapollo
this is diana zhang from China, with more wishes of beatiful world, so chose to do the pro-enviroment biz(led lighting), bless all!

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